The Rhoads Legal Group (RLG) handles all stages of litigation in state, federal, appellate, agency and arbitration proceedings across the country. Many cases relate to highly complex technology, including semiconductors, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology and chemicals. Representative case studies:

State Court Proceedings

RLG attorneys represented clients in a wide variety of commercial and other civil actions in state court bench and jury trial litigation in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Federal District Court proceedings

RLG attorneys represented clients as plaintiffs and defendants in bench and jury trial litigation in patent, antitrust, unfair competition, trade dress, trademark, trade secret and false advertising actions throughout the country

Appellate proceedings

RLG attorneys represented clients in appellate proceedings across the country, including the briefing and argument for appeals by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

USPTO Interference, IPR and other agency proceedings

RLG attorneys represented electrical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry clients in dozens of USPTO proceedings concerning the validity of patents


RLG attorneys represented pharmaceutical industry clients in series of successful ICC and AAA arbitrations resolving licensing and patent rights

Creation and Development of Intellectual Property Rights

The Rhoads Legal Group assists clients in the creation, development and perfection of patent, trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property rights.  Representative case studies:

Patent portfolio

RLG attorneys assisted pharmaceutical clients in the creation, development and perfection of patent rights to new pharmaceutical entities

Trademark portfolio

RLG attorneys assisted pharmaceutical clients in the creation, development and perfection of trademark rights concerning new pharmaceutical formulations

Trademark infringement assertion and defense

RLG attorneys assisted clients in obtaining the voluntary stopping of trademark infringment

Transactional Practice

The Rhoads Legal Group assists clients in the negotiation and drafting of licensing, sale and mergers and acquisitions agreements. Representative case studies:

Patent Licensing

RLG attorneys assisted clients in the licensing of significant patent rights to pharmaceutical products

Merger and Acquisition

RLG attorneys assisted clients in the acquisition of a United States business involving complex patent and trademark rights

Virtual General and IP Counsel

RLG attorneys have acted as temporary and virtual General Counsel and IP Counsel for clients in periods of transition and in start-up and smaller staffed organizations

Commitment to Community and Non-Profit Organizations

The Rhoads Legal Group is committed to developing an inclusive and just community. This includes assisting non-profit organizations with their legal matters